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Web3 & TADS Summit 2022

Join us on 1 Dec 2022 | 09:30-18:00

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)  


Web3 & TADS Summit 2022 

WEB 3 & TADS SUMMIT brings together deep knowledge of Web3 world and tokenization ecosystem, connecting industry experts with innovators and investors, and supported by businesses community and interested mass audience. 

HKUST Web3 Carnival Finale

2022 TADS Awards Ceremony

Investor Pitching Competition

Investor Matching


Web3 Industry Expert Panels

30+ Speakers





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Inaugurated in 2020, TADS Awards is the world’s first annual international awards for the Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities (“TADS”) sector. The 3rd TADS Awards this year received an overwhelming support

from a great numbers of award nominees from over 12 countries.  

“TADS AWARDS GALA 2022” Awards Presentation Ceremony will be hosted for fifteen winners

from three award categories including “Best of Class TADS”, “Ecosystem Excellence” and “NFT Innovations,” along with numerous of Rising Star Award winners for each category 

Closing event for web3 carnival

The coolest and the greatest Web3 Carnival in celebration of HKUST’s 30th anniversary! HKUST Crypto-FinTech Lab & HKUST MAFM Daredevil Lab launch a series of mix-scale industry dialogues in the format of panel discussion to focus sharing with entrepreneurs on some most heated topics in Web3. The Web3 carnival is drawing to a close after our 20 major events, with 12 panels, more than 8 fireside chats and 2 competitions. So far, we have covered a number of hot topics in Web3, like Defi, Cryptocurrencies, NFT, risks and opportunities in Web3.

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Investor Pitching COMPETITION

Learning more about Venture Capital funding from the investor pitching session 

Drive your business success to the next level through

potential investments, expertise, networking, advice, and mentoring. 


Mini Expo

Experience with relevant Web3 partners, joining W3ST Mini Expo as a meeting place for the

FinTech community from eco-system leaders, startups, developers , innovators and investors.

We allow exhibitors to form the best practice sharing to networking on Web3 explorations. 

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